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Speed camera entrapment

I don’t know why WA has a Road Safety Commission.

The WA Liberal Government installs huge digital advertising signs over freeways in flagrant breach of the Main Roads Commission’s Regulations and Standards, and approves of speed camera entrapment.

Where is the “Road Safety” ?

All last year (2016) a speed camera operated in peak hour traffic on Bibra Dve, North Lake where the only safety issue was the tree branch obscuring a north bound speed change sign. Did they remove the offending branch? No. And when I asked the operator he candidly admitted to exploiting the tree branch obscuring the speed change sign (from 70kph to 60kph) and did “not have a problem with that”. Neither did his superintendent who I also spoke to. In December 2016 the offending branch was finally cut and the camera hasn’t been seen there since.

Meanwhile, Colin Barnett’s Liberal Government installed a $680,000 electronic billboard without conducting a safety audit. When, in June 2015, the RACWA called for it to be removed for regulatory non compliance, the WA Liberal Government outsourced an “assessment”, not a safety audit, to private company ARRB Group with a pecuniary rather than fiduciary interest. ARRB simply “reviewed” the decision against government “policy” – not “regulations” – and the device has been operating ever since. See also Controversial Kwinana Freeway billboard approved without safety audit, report reveals

The WA Dept. Main Roads – Billboard Advertising Regulations and Standards specifies that:

For reasons of general road user safety and amenity Main Roads will not approve the display of billboard signs in the following road sections:

Freeway/Controlled Access Highway interchange areas (see for further details).

Guess where the billboard is. That’s right, in a highway interchange area, namely the intersection of Leach highway and Kwinana Freeway no less.

Clearly, its all about making money, by fair means or foul. The hypocrisy is completely lost on them.

But, remember. You voted for these hypocrites. A democracy always gets the government it deserves.